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Getting There

Address: Boltzmannstr. 15, 85748 Garching, Munich, Germany

By Car


There is a system of motorways (Autobahn) and ring-roads in and around Munich. Follow these to the Autobahn for Nurnberg (A9). To reach Garching there are two turnoffs (Ausfahrt): Take the turnoff Garching-Nord (Garching-North), which leads you directly to the "Forschungsinstitute" area.

For details you can use the following interactive map:

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By Public Transport

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Take the Underground Line U6 in the direction to Garching Forschungszentrum. Exit the train at the final station, Garching Forschungszentrum.

More Information on the use of public transport

Tickets can be purchased from vending machines in the train stations.

The vending machines looks like this.

1) Overview of the various types of tickets, complete with explanatory notes.

2) Explanation of the destinations.

3) Information on the number of zones covered by single tickets; the number of stripes that have to be cancelled if you are using a stripe ticket; areas covered by day tickets.

4) The push buttons that you use to select the ticket you want.

    Important: Before starting travel, you must cancel your ticket at a ticket cancellation machine.


There are many different tickets offered, but these are our suggestions (the same ticket is valid for trains, buses and trams):

  • To get from the airport to the city centre and the inner main ring around the city centre we recommend to take a day ticket for the entire network (Single-Tageskarte Gesamtnetz, 10,40 Euro).
  • If you want to get from your hotel in Munich to the conference, it is the easiest to buy a Munich XXL day ticket (Munchen XXL Tageskarte, 7,00 Euro).
  • If your hotel is located in Garching you can also go for an outer district day ticket (Single-Tageskarte Ausenraum, 5,20 Euro). But that ticket is not valid for the use of public transport in the center.

In the picture below, you can see which button corresponds to which ticket:

For further information please use the following link:

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