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11th EAI International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare

May 23–26, 2017 | Barcelona, Spain




Florian Schmidt, Vincent Hennig, Sarah Köhler, Marcel Wallschläger, Anton Gulenko, Hartmut Schmidt and Odej Kao. Novel Framework Combining Health Records with Medical Algorithms


Daniel Tetteroo. TagTrainer: end-user adaptable technology for physical rehabilitation


Stefan Wagner and Esben Hunnerup. OpenTele+ for Extending Telemedicine with Pervasive Healthcare Features


Gaurav Paruthi and Ankita Gupta. HEED: Appropriable Interactive Devices for Experience Sampling




Vishwajith Ramesh, Kunal Agrawal, Brett Meyer, Gert Cauwenberghs and Nadir Weibel. Exploring Stroke-Associated Hemiparesis Assessment with Support Vector Machines


Kaveh Bakhtiyari, Jürgen Ziegler and Hafizah Husain. KinRes: Depth Sensor Noise Reduction in Contactless Respiratory Monitoring


Charlotte Tang, Mohamed Magueramane, Robert Sierminski and Housam Eldin Mohamed. International Students’ Behavior Change in the Care of their Health and Wellness


Chien Wen Yuan, Benjamin Hanrahan, Richard Wirth, Mary Beth Rosson and John Carroll. We Are Healthier Together: Designing for Technology-Mediated Health Coproductions by Older Adults


Md Zakir Hossain and Tom Gedeon. Classifying Posed and Real Smiles from Observers’ Peripheral Physiology


Jomara Binda, Natalie Cope, Hyehyun Park, Chien Wen Tina Yuan, John M. Carroll and Eun Kyoung Choe. Intergenerational Sharing of Health Data among Family Members


Emi Yuda, Yutaka Yoshida and Junichiro Hayano. Characteristics of Basal Heart Rate during Daily Life: Relationships with Age, Sex, and Mean Heart Rate


Zilu Liang, Bernd Ploderer and Mario Alberto Chapa Martell. Is Fitbit Fit for Sleep-Tracking? Sources of Measurement Errors and Proposed Countermeasures


Gaurav Paruthi, Shriti Raj and Mark Newman. Sweet Spot(s): Understanding Context to Support Physical Activity Plans


Mehdi Mark Nazemi, Maryam Mobini, Diane Gromala, Julie Carlson and Hin Hin Ko. Sonic therapy for anxiety management in clinical settings